Dog Ice Cream Treats!


Instead of buying those store bought ice cream treats for your pups. Check out the web for some awesome homemade ideas. We just recently started making some homemade ice cream that the dogs can’t get enough of. Every time I open the freezer there is a dog head shoving its way in the door!

I can’t take credit for these ice cream ideas. I found these heavenly recipes thanks to The Dogington Post (Thank you Dogington and Google!).

Click the link below!

Do it.

Your dogs will thank you…. with cuddles and cold kisses. 😉

The Dogington Post

Now we did the Cloud Nine Ice cream recipe and the it really brought Hershey and Java to cloud nine.


I give you, Exhibit A- Hershey in his happy place.

This ice cream is a great combo of yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. Oh and don’t forget the honey!

Java and Hershey love this treat and it’s great for these super hot summer days.

Just follow the recipe in the link. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and then shove them in the freezer. Be warned, your pups will want to lick the mixing bowl clean. 😉


We have been using little dixie cups and only filling them about half way. This way my batch came out to about 12 cups. You can decide to fill the cup up all the way if you would prefer. However, we found that Hershey got a little too excited about the ice cream and tried to eat it whole (minus cup wrapper). So to prevent the whole choking hazard, half cup sizes were created. This has had an extra bonus of them not being extra crazy like they were when they got full cups of ice cream.

So yeah, not much of a post but Hershey and Java wanted to make sure that their review on these ice creams were heard.

They give it two paws up and a big tail waggin’!

(I am only a little sorry about that sentence)

Proud of themselves