Dog Ice Cream Treats!


Instead of buying those store bought ice cream treats for your pups. Check out the web for some awesome homemade ideas. We just recently started making some homemade ice cream that the dogs can’t get enough of. Every time I open the freezer there is a dog head shoving its way in the door!

I can’t take credit for these ice cream ideas. I found these heavenly recipes thanks to The Dogington Post (Thank you¬†Dogington and Google!).

Click the link below!

Do it.

Your dogs will thank you…. with cuddles and cold kisses. ūüėČ

The Dogington Post

Now we did the Cloud Nine Ice cream recipe and the it really brought Hershey and Java to cloud nine.


I give you, Exhibit A- Hershey in his happy place.

This ice cream is a great combo of yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. Oh and don’t forget the honey!

Java and Hershey love this treat and it’s great for these super hot summer days.

Just follow the recipe in the link. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and then shove them in the freezer. Be warned, your pups will want to lick the mixing bowl clean. ūüėČ


We have been using little dixie cups and only filling them about half way. This way my batch came out to about 12 cups. You can decide to fill the cup up all the way if you would prefer. However, we found that Hershey got a little too excited about the ice cream and tried to eat it whole (minus cup wrapper). So to prevent the whole choking hazard, half cup sizes were created. This has had an extra bonus of them not being extra crazy like they were when they got full cups of ice cream.

So yeah, not much of a post but Hershey and Java wanted to make sure that their review on these ice creams were heard.

They give it two paws up and a big tail waggin’!

(I am only a little sorry about that sentence)

Proud of themselves



A Goodbye to Gypsy


I didn’t want to writing anything so depressing.

Gypsy 3

I have always loved animals. In fact, growing up in my family it almost seemed to be a requirement to love the dogs more than each other. The dogs got the best of everything. If there was a way to make their lives better we did it, no questions asked. Maybe some people thought we were crazy. We had so many pets- a bunch of stray dogs with large medical bills, birds that people no longer wanted found their way into our home, kids getting tired of their pet hamsters were suddenly adopted into our bedrooms, and homemade dog food that was made with more love than any of the meals my mother made for the rest of us. It just became a way of life. These animals were unloved before so now they needed more from us. So it hurts that much more when there is nothing left to do…. when you just have to say goodbye.

Gypsy was mine. I won’t lie. I didn’t know it right away. Seeing her for the first time, I would have never guessed I would have her all these years. My parents sure as hell never expected her. It was about 2004 maybe 2005 (its seems just a blur now). My parents had sent me off to visit my sister for the summer. Her husband was off in the Navy and we were going to keep each other company. My parents were also trying to spare me the pain of being around for Lani passing away. She was a old white shepherd- blind, deaf, and slow from hip problems. She was going and they knew it.

My mom used to say that Lani brought us Gypsy. It wasn’t as if I saw Gypsy right after Lani died or that some divine moment lead me to her. She just showed up one day. This skinny little beagle chasing after a boy onto the tennis courts that my sister and I were playing on. We thought she belonged to the boy but then the boy went home with his dad and the beagle stayed behind. It’s hard to remember her so small, sad, and starved. We didn’t even know what to do with her at first. But she was so friendly and so obviously alone. We lifted her up over my sister’s patio wall in a laundry basket (my sister didn’t want to risk her giving her pets fleas or ticks).

What else could we do? We fed her, gave her water, and had her sleep in the bathroom. I didn’t think we were keeping her. Someone had to be looking for her. Someone had to care about her. But no one came. We took her to the vet who confirmed 3 things for us.

1. She was older than she looked. I thought she was young, maybe three. The vet thought she was 5-7 years old. I decided she was still three.

2. She didn’t have fleas but she did have a bad skin irritation that she would need meds to help clear up.

3. She had Heartworm.

I couldn’t let her die. Not there. Not after all that. My sister was sure someone had moved out and let her loose in the apartment community. I called my parents. Heartworm treatments are expensive and stressful. But this was us- the “crazy” people who did whatever we could for animals we had just found. She needed to be okay.

And she was.

Time and time again, Gypsy (as we named our little roaming beagle) came through every battle without batting an eye. Heartworm, tumors, cancer, losing a toe, etc. Over and over again, Gypsy made it through complications that we didn’t think she would survive. Even after 10 years with us, she was still happy and playful. Sure, she was a bit slower but she didn’t act her age of 13 (or¬†15 or 17).

Gypsy 2

She was strong. So I thought she would make it through this last time. She was supposed to make it through.

I didn’t get to say goodbye. I wanted to make it home to say goodbye to her. She was the sweetest girl. She didn’t misbehave. She barked if she needed to go outside. She loved to snuggle and always wanted a snack. Her best friend was Roscoe, a chihuahua, who always gave her kisses. I think he will be heart broken when she doesn’t come home. I hope he understands. I wish I could comfort him but I am still so far away.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to say goodbye, Gypsy. I’m so sorry.

I miss you.


BarkBox July 2014 & Coupon Code


Okay so I am pretty late on this post. I actually got my Barkbox almost 2 weeks ago (cue doggy excitement), however, I was so busy that I just didn’t have time to write a review. But today I received my extra goodies and I knew I had to post something. If you don’t know anything about BarkBox, please check out my preview post for details or go straight to the source and check out the BarkBox website. This is my favorite subscription box, even if the goodies aren’t for me!

Okay, on to July’s box!

july 2014 bb2

They are always excited about boxes now. Java has finally lost her fear of boxes (which was pretty sad for a wolf).

july 2014 bb

The boxes always come just a few days after the 15th when they are usually shipped out. Now, here is something important. You may have noticed (if you are researching what’s in each box) that some boxes have different items than others. At first I thought such difference had to do with the size of the dog. But it is more than that. At any time, BarkBox sends out up to 10 different boxes to the subscribers. So your box will most likely be different from another person who got a box for their dog.

First time Barkbox subscribers- when possible BarkBox likes to fill these boxes with some of the favorite items from past boxes. I think this is an amazing idea. We all get quality products from smaller companies that work with BarkBox.

july 2014 bb5

This month’s theme was “Surf’s up, Pups!”. So this month is kind of a beach/summer time theme. But more on that in a moment. It’s hard to see but these card came with a phone number to text. Why spend all that time searching endlessly for more of these products when Barkbox can handle all of that for you while you lounge by the pool. B-) Aaah, summertime in Florida!

july 2014 bb6

Purchasing more toys or treats is so simple. Just text the codes of the products to the phone number provided and Barbox will take you through a few easy questions to confirm your account and how many of each item you would want. It was such a simple process that I just had to try. I ordered 3 more duck chews and another smoothie (so the dogs did not have to share). I was done in 2 minutes with my order. I had only 2 main complaints:

One- the price of shipping. No where on the card did it say there was a shipping cost or how much it would be. In fact, only at the end of my order did it tell me my total plus a $5 shipping charge. I wish that Barkbox would either lead with how much shipping would cost or give a text at the end asking the owner to confirm that they are okay with the total and shipping. I suppose you could email them if you changed your mind but that kind of takes away from the ease of the process.

Two– My other complaint is about shipping. My last email with the total of my new order also informed me that my items would ship out the next day! I thought that was so cool. Until it didn’t show up after a week. Actually it took over a week before I received an email saying that my order had just then shipped. That was a little aggravating. But I finally got it and the pups are so happy that I guess I can forgive the lateness.

july 2014 bb4

I mean, look how happy she is to get things! Java (and Hershey) are in heaven every month now.

july 2014 bb7

Back to this month’s box! The first item:

Healthy Dogma- Coconut Flavor Barkers

Cost: $8 (Barkbox); $6.88 + $4.99 shipping (amazon)

Does this look familiar? It should, I received Healthy Dogma treats last month (in a different flavor of course). I thought coconut sounded delicious. Hershey loved his treat but Java only ate half of her’s before trying to get the toy out of the box. I assumed that Java would actually like these treats when she was no longer distracted by new things. However, she doesn’t seem as interested in coconut as she was with last month’s duck flavor. She will eat these treats but at a much slower pace and only when she really feels like it. I was hoping for something a bit different this month (not just a different flavor) but these containers do come with a lot of treats. I have checked out other flavors online for the future (pizza flavor and bacon flavor- how awesome is that!)

These treats are also wheat, corn, and soy-free.

***If your pet has food allergies, you can contact BarkBox for assistance. 

july 2014 bb8

Loopies Fish Bones Toy

Cost: $15 (Barkbox); Not available on Amazon

This fish! Hershey and Java love this fish. I had to take it away from Java to keep her from ripping it to pieces the first day. She loved the squeaker in the fish head and the edges are lines to add some durability to it. Now it is not going to last against heavy chewers. Between the two of them, we managed to keep this toy pretty much whole for almost 2 weeks but just recently they pulled the stuffing out of the head. They still think it is the best toy ever. Even with a whole cubby of toys, they fight over this fish. If you are interested in another, you are going to have to contact Barkbox. I can’t find this fish on Amazon or the Loopies website.

***You can contact Barkbox if your dog is a heavy chewer and they will supply you with more durable toys in your box.

July 2014 bb9

Etta Says Duck Chew

Cost: $4 (Barkbox for 12 inch); $6.49 (Amazon for 7 inch)

These are the treats that I had to order more of for Hershey and Java. I briefly considered trying to cut it in half but I think the pups would hate me for that. It’s 12 inches long and only $4 each which is a steal in my opinion. I ordered three more to make an even 4 chews. Though they appear to be very hard, these sticks do have some flexibility to them and the dogs finished them a lot quicker than I hoped. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour tops. But it sure was a quiet time for our hours. Aaaah, peace and quiet.

July 2014 bb11

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats

Cost: $10 (Barkbox); $13.44 (Amazon)

These treats are going waaaay too fast! A five ounce bag is so small. They are definitely the favorite treat for the dogs right now and Jt gives it to them at every opportunity. We have been ripping them in half to save them. They are wheat, corn, and soy-free and USA made. These chicken strips are packed with blueberries, cranberries, and reishi mushrooms. You can order this small bag from BarkBox or from Amazon. Amazon also offers a larger 15 ounce bag for $22.99. Beef and Pork treats are also available. I would suggest a larger bag because they are bound to be gobbled up quickly!

July 2014 bb10

Mr. Barksmith’s (Cool Treats) Pina Colada Smoothie

Cost: $2 (Barkbox); $77.51 +4.99 (Amazon for 6 pack)

Had I known I was going to receive another smoothie cup I wouldn’t have had the dogs share last month’s. So I ordered one more of these to make it even. They should like it. Then again they don’t like getting caught in the rain so fingers crossed. ūüėČ I would say if you can, order these smoothie cups from Barkbox. They are only $2 per cup- much cheaper than Amazon and the Mr. Barksmith’s site where you have to order for a larger quantity.

July 2014 bb12

So there you have it. The July BarkBox with the new easy reorder process. I was hoping for a bit of a change from the last box (since 2 of our items were the same as last month’s but different flavors). But the dogs have been really happy with the treats and fish toy.

Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers- $8

Loopies Fish Bones Toy- $15

Etta Says Duck Chew- $4

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats- $10

Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie- $2

Total: $39 (via BarkBox)

The cost of these items are definitely higher on Amazon (or they are unavailable anywhere but BarkBox like in the case of the fish toy) So I still believe Barkbox is saving us some real money with the 6 month subscription. If you are interested in trying out Barkbox, check out the link below to get a 10% discount.

^^^^Succumb to the BarkBox addiction! You will not regret it! (and you will get these adorable pups more boxes) 

July 2014 bb13

“Send more treats!” –¬†Hershey


BarkBox June 2014


Hey Everyone! Welcome to my page. This is the first post I am doing and of course it is dog related. I recently ordered a Barkbox subscriptions for my big spoiled puppies and it finally came today!!! I think I was a little too excited for it.

If you are reading this you are probably already aware of what Barkbox is but in case you don’t know here is a brief summary for you. Barkbox is a monthly subscription box of doggie products. Every month you will receive toys, treats or other dog products for your furry kids. The prices range depending on which package you choose (I did the six month package for $19/month). The current rate for a one month subscription is $29/month. When you order your box, ¬†you pick the size of your dog so the products in the box fit to your little one or big buddy. Some great things about BarkBox:

  • Products are from the USA or Canada (no worrying about recalls from China!)
  • You get some great healthy and safe products.
  • When you order a BarkBox 10% goes to supporting a rescue group
  • You can give away your extra BarkBoxes to shelters.

If you would like to learn more about Barkbox, I have a link at the bottom of my post. Use the link and you will also get a 10% discount on your barkbox subscription. ūüėÄ Okay on to this month’s box. The dogs area always excited when the mailman comes to the door and this was no exception. He apologized for setting off the “doggie alarm” but he didn’t want to leave the box out in the rain.

Image*Here is the obligatory box picture before we open it.

Now when I say Hershey and Java were excited I mean it. Java is usually afraid of boxes (her fear and hatred of all cardboard boxes is legendary… and sad…. and hilarious). But apparently that fear will go away if said evil box holds delicious goodies because before I could even get a picture of the pretty tissue paper, this happened- Image*No BarkBox items were injuried in the making of this picture (the box however will probably not survive this tale)

Once the box was Java free, we were able to finally get a look at what we got in our first box.

Image*A picture of the box sans Java’s nose.

Now the first thing we did was look at the card… Okay, that’s a lie. We tossed that card aside and checked out the toy and treats. But every review I see starts with the card to tell you the theme or whatever so I guess we will start with that too.

Image*Look, its another obligatory picture that everyone is going to skip over. lol

Okay, the theme is healthy (but delicious) eating in these warm summer months. So this box paid specific attention to organic, GMO-free products and eco-friendly toys. And that’s all I have to say on that so on to the treats!

20140618_133640                                   * Healthy Dogma Duck Recipe Barkers (amazon $11.96)

Hershey and Java loved these treats! The main ingredient is actually duck not random fillers. In fact,  these treats are grain free! They are excellent healthy treats for your pups. There are a decent size. Hershey gobbled his down in two bites while Java rubbed against it and then savored it (read taunted Hershey) at a slower pace. They are both trying to get the container from me as I am typing this. Clearly it is going to be awhile before they behave themselves and earn another treat.

20140618_133647                              *Cool Treats Smoothies for Dogs (Carrot Cake) (amazon 6 pack for the other flavors- $77.51 sooooo ~$12.92) 0.0

Now here is a real dilemma- One BarkBox, Two Dogs. But looking past that obstacle, I think this is a pretty awesome treat for them. Hershey and Java loooove ice cubes. In fact, we have to keep the ice cube dispenser locked in order to prevent them from getting ice cubes out every five minutes. So ice cream or smoothies are definitely a win. The good news is just yesterday I made them some homemade ice cream so I am sure there is a way for them both to get a treat when I finally use this.

20140618_133656¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† *Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese (amazon ~ $6.25)

“A cheesy biscuit with Bacon & Truffle”- Now if that doesn’t sound delicious I don’t know what does! No preservatives, wheat free, and of course made in the United States. It only has four ingredients- all human-grade. It’s good enough for us humans if you dared yourself to try it. They are just a bit smaller than the duck recipe barkers. However, the dogs always need a nice snack for good behavior.

20140618_133735*JW megalast ball (large)  (amazon: $7.95)

This was the one shot I got of the ball before my boyfriend, Jt, gave it to the dogs. I haven’t gotten the ball back yet. This is perfect! Some may say Java is a bit destructive with her toys- though we like to say she just enjoys customizing her toys. This usually results in stuffing from plushies everywhere and their plushie skin (Sorry that sounds horrible) in tatters (and her favorite thing to play with afterwards). This ball is strong, I could feel that as soon as I picked it up. Java and Hershey could too but they are still trying to test it’s true strength. The best part, Hershey loves playing with a ball. Though, he is blind he will run around until he finds it, just so he can bring it back.

20140618_140753*He loves posing for the camera

20140618_134030 (1)                                     *She will not stop until it is destroyed.

Now I know all toys are not going to be this durable. However I have heard, if your dog is a heavy chewer, you can email BarkBox after placing your order and they will mark your account for more durable toys. I have not done this because I am still testing out Barkbox and Java just loves her custom made toys. This toy is definitely a winner at our house.

If you are interested in the products you have seen here, Barkbox lists where they come from on the back of that card that I tossed aside earlier. I took a picture of it but since you might not be able to see that I have wrote the websites below.




The total price of the box this month (according to my amazon search) was $39.08. Now considering I paid less than $19 a month for these I think that was a great deal (remember that 10% discount link really helps!) Now I will say $12.92 for that little smoothie seems much however it is gluten, dairy and wheat free plus low calorie and low fat.

If you are interested in surprising your pets with delicious¬†and super healthy¬†treats and toys every month, try out BarkBox. Hershey and Java loved the first box and we can’t wait for more doggie presents each month.

***Below is a link to save 10% on your subscription, trust me it is worth it!


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