BarkBox July 2014 & Coupon Code


Okay so I am pretty late on this post. I actually got my Barkbox almost 2 weeks ago (cue doggy excitement), however, I was so busy that I just didn’t have time to write a review. But today I received my extra goodies and I knew I had to post something. If you don’t know anything about BarkBox, please check out my preview post for details or go straight to the source and check out the BarkBox website. This is my favorite subscription box, even if the goodies aren’t for me!

Okay, on to July’s box!

july 2014 bb2

They are always excited about boxes now. Java has finally lost her fear of boxes (which was pretty sad for a wolf).

july 2014 bb

The boxes always come just a few days after the 15th when they are usually shipped out. Now, here is something important. You may have noticed (if you are researching what’s in each box) that some boxes have different items than others. At first I thought such difference had to do with the size of the dog. But it is more than that. At any time, BarkBox sends out up to 10 different boxes to the subscribers. So your box will most likely be different from another person who got a box for their dog.

First time Barkbox subscribers- when possible BarkBox likes to fill these boxes with some of the favorite items from past boxes. I think this is an amazing idea. We all get quality products from smaller companies that work with BarkBox.

july 2014 bb5

This month’s theme was “Surf’s up, Pups!”. So this month is kind of a beach/summer time theme. But more on that in a moment. It’s hard to see but these card came with a phone number to text. Why spend all that time searching endlessly for more of these products when Barkbox can handle all of that for you while you lounge by the pool. B-) Aaah, summertime in Florida!

july 2014 bb6

Purchasing more toys or treats is so simple. Just text the codes of the products to the phone number provided and Barbox will take you through a few easy questions to confirm your account and how many of each item you would want. It was such a simple process that I just had to try. I ordered 3 more duck chews and another smoothie (so the dogs did not have to share). I was done in 2 minutes with my order. I had only 2 main complaints:

One- the price of shipping. No where on the card did it say there was a shipping cost or how much it would be. In fact, only at the end of my order did it tell me my total plus a $5 shipping charge. I wish that Barkbox would either lead with how much shipping would cost or give a text at the end asking the owner to confirm that they are okay with the total and shipping. I suppose you could email them if you changed your mind but that kind of takes away from the ease of the process.

Two– My other complaint is about shipping. My last email with the total of my new order also informed me that my items would ship out the next day! I thought that was so cool. Until it didn’t show up after a week. Actually it took over a week before I received an email saying that my order had just then shipped. That was a little aggravating. But I finally got it and the pups are so happy that I guess I can forgive the lateness.

july 2014 bb4

I mean, look how happy she is to get things! Java (and Hershey) are in heaven every month now.

july 2014 bb7

Back to this month’s box! The first item:

Healthy Dogma- Coconut Flavor Barkers

Cost: $8 (Barkbox); $6.88 + $4.99 shipping (amazon)

Does this look familiar? It should, I received Healthy Dogma treats last month (in a different flavor of course). I thought coconut sounded delicious. Hershey loved his treat but Java only ate half of her’s before trying to get the toy out of the box. I assumed that Java would actually like these treats when she was no longer distracted by new things. However, she doesn’t seem as interested in coconut as she was with last month’s duck flavor. She will eat these treats but at a much slower pace and only when she really feels like it. I was hoping for something a bit different this month (not just a different flavor) but these containers do come with a lot of treats. I have checked out other flavors online for the future (pizza flavor and bacon flavor- how awesome is that!)

These treats are also wheat, corn, and soy-free.

***If your pet has food allergies, you can contact BarkBox for assistance. 

july 2014 bb8

Loopies Fish Bones Toy

Cost: $15 (Barkbox); Not available on Amazon

This fish! Hershey and Java love this fish. I had to take it away from Java to keep her from ripping it to pieces the first day. She loved the squeaker in the fish head and the edges are lines to add some durability to it. Now it is not going to last against heavy chewers. Between the two of them, we managed to keep this toy pretty much whole for almost 2 weeks but just recently they pulled the stuffing out of the head. They still think it is the best toy ever. Even with a whole cubby of toys, they fight over this fish. If you are interested in another, you are going to have to contact Barkbox. I can’t find this fish on Amazon or the Loopies website.

***You can contact Barkbox if your dog is a heavy chewer and they will supply you with more durable toys in your box.

July 2014 bb9

Etta Says Duck Chew

Cost: $4 (Barkbox for 12 inch); $6.49 (Amazon for 7 inch)

These are the treats that I had to order more of for Hershey and Java. I briefly considered trying to cut it in half but I think the pups would hate me for that. It’s 12 inches long and only $4 each which is a steal in my opinion. I ordered three more to make an even 4 chews. Though they appear to be very hard, these sticks do have some flexibility to them and the dogs finished them a lot quicker than I hoped. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour tops. But it sure was a quiet time for our hours. Aaaah, peace and quiet.

July 2014 bb11

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats

Cost: $10 (Barkbox); $13.44 (Amazon)

These treats are going waaaay too fast! A five ounce bag is so small. They are definitely the favorite treat for the dogs right now and Jt gives it to them at every opportunity. We have been ripping them in half to save them. They are wheat, corn, and soy-free and USA made. These chicken strips are packed with blueberries, cranberries, and reishi mushrooms. You can order this small bag from BarkBox or from Amazon. Amazon also offers a larger 15 ounce bag for $22.99. Beef and Pork treats are also available. I would suggest a larger bag because they are bound to be gobbled up quickly!

July 2014 bb10

Mr. Barksmith’s (Cool Treats) Pina Colada Smoothie

Cost: $2 (Barkbox); $77.51 +4.99 (Amazon for 6 pack)

Had I known I was going to receive another smoothie cup I wouldn’t have had the dogs share last month’s. So I ordered one more of these to make it even. They should like it. Then again they don’t like getting caught in the rain so fingers crossed. 😉 I would say if you can, order these smoothie cups from Barkbox. They are only $2 per cup- much cheaper than Amazon and the Mr. Barksmith’s site where you have to order for a larger quantity.

July 2014 bb12

So there you have it. The July BarkBox with the new easy reorder process. I was hoping for a bit of a change from the last box (since 2 of our items were the same as last month’s but different flavors). But the dogs have been really happy with the treats and fish toy.

Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers- $8

Loopies Fish Bones Toy- $15

Etta Says Duck Chew- $4

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats- $10

Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie- $2

Total: $39 (via BarkBox)

The cost of these items are definitely higher on Amazon (or they are unavailable anywhere but BarkBox like in the case of the fish toy) So I still believe Barkbox is saving us some real money with the 6 month subscription. If you are interested in trying out Barkbox, check out the link below to get a 10% discount.

^^^^Succumb to the BarkBox addiction! You will not regret it! (and you will get these adorable pups more boxes) 

July 2014 bb13

“Send more treats!” – Hershey